Research division of sciences faculty at Orsay
Vice-Dean: Eric Simoni – Assistant: Eve Brunswic
Bât 301 – 15, rue du G. Clémenceau 91405 Orsay Cedex
Tél : (33) 01 69 15 77 24 – Email:


The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, performed at the Faculty of Sciences, covers all the disciplines (biology, chemistry, computing, mathematics, physics, earth sciences, history of sciences and techniques). The faculty is involved in the current and future scientific challenge, driving not only very high level basic research, all over the world recognized, but also performing applied research in narrow link with the value of the results. The faculty also attempts to strengthen and to develop the interdisciplinary cooperation. The convergence of the hard sciences and the life sciences is an example. The technological platforms generate a real interdisciplinarity as well and allow to make a strong link between the scientific discoveries and the technological headways.


The potential of research in the faculty is mainly constituted by Mixed Units of Research with the research centers as the CNRS, the INSERM, the INRA, the INRIA, the Curie institute. Approximately 3000 permanent employees work in these laboratories. More than 1700 PhD students are registered at the Faculty of Science.