Doctoral studies

The doctoral studies are an integral part of the formation and participate completely on one hand in the training of our students «to and by the research work" and on the other hand in their professional integration. They are leaned in a research recognized for its excellence, in France and abroad in numerous domains.
With the doctoral schools, the Faculty of Science has made a commitment very strongly in the training of 1700 PhD students, registered every year. Each of these schools is the place of the expression of quality of the researches and gathers the research teams of excellence, estimated and certified within the framework of the four-year contract.

The doctorate: a learning period for research
The PhD is a period of 3 years during which the student is training to the science. It performs an original work under the responsibility of a supervisor officially authorized for this responsibility in a research structure (Laboratory, Research Unit, R & D structure in the private sector,....), federated within a Graduate School. This learning period allows the student to learn but also to generate interpreted data, usable in basic research or R & D. It must therefore be employed. Different types of public and / or private funds give access to this type of salary (from the Ministry of Education ...).

The doctoral schools:
The Doctoral Schools are federations of laboratories on one geographic region. They organize the students training and prepare them to their employability. They offer to the students an interdisciplinary culture, in the context of a science project. They contribute to the coherence and the international visibility of the doctoral education provided by the universities. At the university Paris-Sud 11, the Faculty of Sciences is the largest component with 8 Doctoral Schools (see website of the Faculty of Sciences).

The thesis:
At a time of globalization and international trade in the world of Research, Higher Education and R & D in multinational enterprises, the Ph.D. diploma becomes a passport to business executives. At the Faculty of Sciences d'Orsay, whatever the scientific disciplines, the levels of employability are rather good in the fields of research, higher education, R & D Expertise Council (1 to 5 years before obtaining a permanent contract, a classical period in these types of jobs). The exact figures are available from each doctoral school.