Instrument park : database

This database lists by name the scientific equipments at the Faculty of Science, the School Centrale-Supelec and the ENS CACHAN and indicates both their location and the laboratory spokesperson -> link towards the database


The online database indexes the research instruments and related expertise available at the following research centers:.

-          l’UFR Sciences de l’Université Paris Sud,

-          l’Ecole CentraleSupélec,

-          l’Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan,

The database covers 64 laboratories and approximately 800 items. It indexes equipment of any size : from the smallest devices to the largest such as, for instance, a particle accelerator.

This information is easily accessible to university researchers as well as industry personnel.

By facilitating the sharing of research equipment, we contribute to new partnerships, attract talented researchers and help to build relationships with business and industry.

Sharing resources and expertise potentiates efforts of the individual, thus increasing the efficiency of scientific output through partnership.

People responsible for these research equipments enrich collaboratively this database in order to refine search engine occurencies.  

We thus encourage interested partners to visit the portal and contact directly our researchers.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us :


vice-doyen-recherche.sciences @ (vice-doyen-recherche.sciences @  

or his assistant Eve BRUNSWIC  (33) 1 69 15 77 24