Technical platforms

Technical platforms

- MINERVE (Microsystems, Imaging, Nanosciences, Education, Research, Valuation, Companies), which implies about fifteen laboratories. This platform, at the Fundamental Institute of Electronics (IEF), is one of five National Power plants of Technological Basic research on micro - nano-technologies.


LUMATCLUPS (Laser Center of the University of Paris-South 11), which involves, concerning its Laser X part, the UPS, the CNRS, the Ecole polytechnique and the ENSTA.


- JANNuS (Joined Accelerators for the Nanosciences, the Nuclear and the Simulation) which gathers the UPS, the CNRS (IN2P3) and the CEA to study in particular the elaboration of materials and the damage in materials produced by the irradiation (safety of nuclear reactors).


- SUPRATECH, which involves the UPS, the CNRS (IN2P3) and the CEA for technological studies with the aim of the development of superconducting cavities, preparation of the accelerators of future.


- GODMAP transcriptome (Orsay-Gif), proteome (SGVM) and metabolome (IBP), platform of production and crystallization of proteins, certified IBISA (IBBMC), Imaging constituted by the federation of about fifteen platforms (FRC 3115) gathered in four technological poles: chemistry and pharmacology, structural biology, genomic and cellular biology.


- The ELYSE-CLIO center of the Physical Chemistry laboratory (LCP) constitutes a unique resource in Europe, in terms of intense beam of infrared light and picoseconds pulsed electron beam.


- The SYNCHROTRON SOLEIL, which constitutes an important equipment structuring the scientific environment, related to several disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, sciences of earth and universe).


- WILD: platform of very high-resolution interactive visualization.


Furthermore, multidisciplinary actions are developed in poles of competitiveness as SYSTEMATIC (including the fields of the complex systems and technologies of information and communication) or in RTRA networks (Thematic Networks of Advanced Research) as TRIANGLE OF THE PHYSICS and DIGITEO, which present a research potential of the first rank in the field of the Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication (STIC).