Master Double Master Degree in Physics (with Università di Ferrara, Italy)



  Università degli studi di Ferra (Italy) and Université Paris-Sud offer a double degree in Physics. M1 or M2 takes place in Ferrara and the other in Orsay.                          

 UPSUD degrees parts of the double degree include:


Master 1 General Physics

Master 2 Nuclei Particles Astroparticles Cosmology, Master 2 Nanosciences and Master 2 Large Scale Facilities


This double degree is supported by the Université Franco Italienne / Università Italo Francese. Two scholarships of 2000€ per semester are available for an academic year.

Director: Pierre Désesquelles - pierre.desesquelles @



(double degree with Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Contact : Emmanuel Trizac -

A part of the year takes place in Torino and Trieste.





Master (year 1 and 2) Material Science and Nanotechnology (double degree with USTH in Hanoi, Vietnam)

Director: Philippe Lecoeur – philippe.lecoeur @

This master entirely takes place in Hanoi.