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Université Paris-Saclay has a large number of Students Exchange Programs (SEP) most of which include the Faculty of Sciences.

You will find below a list of all the programs and the associated webpages.

Check if your university  is one of our partners :


It is important to know that most of the exchange programs have their own application procedure. In any case you must register in our university on a dedicated webpage :


 Exchange programs

 ERASMUS (studies and internship)

 First, contact the International Relations Office of your university and apply to them.

Once you have been accepted on an exchange programme by your university:


-          Apply online

-          Upload the necessary documents (Academic transcripts, Learning Agreement and your coordinator's signed confirmation)

-        Complete the application before June 5th for the 1st semester or, if you will be staying for a whole year, before November 15th for the 2nd semester.


MICEFA is an association created in 1985 that brings together 16 Universities in Paris and the region of Ile de France and over 80 North American partner Universities in both the United States and Canada.

More information on MICEFA .



  The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program is a consortium of member universities from the European Union, Canada and the United States:

Details on how to apply to this programme on this





 This exchange program  links universities from Québec (Canada) and universities from all over the world.

You will find information on the application procedure of this program :





You will find the list of our partner universities on the following page:

If you are interested in studying at the Faculty of Science with one of the exchange programs listed above, contact the mobility correspondent of your field of study:

 > Biology:                  Catherine DREUX (catherine.dreux @

> Chemistry:              Philippe BERDAGUE (philippe.berdague @

> Computer Sciences: Emmanuel WALLER (emmanuel.waller @

> Earth Sciences:           Hermann ZEYEN (hermann.zeyen @

> Mathematics:          Filipa CAETANO  (filipa.caetano @

> Physics:                 Mathieu LANGER and Marcello Civelli (international-physics.sciences @


For general information contact us at : (pri.sciences @