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The Diplôme Universitaire in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) is for foreign students who have chosen to study here at Université Paris 11, thanks to various university programmes and organisations (international exchange programmes, the department of International Relations…) but who do not have a satisfactory level of French to do so. Students will study French intensively for one academic year before then integrating the scientific field of study that they have selected.

The aim of the course is to ensure that students integrate well both into French society and the university system. In terms of initial level, students will be expected to have a level of A2 (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

The objective is to reach a level of B2, which is the minimum level required to study in French at a French university.

The courses will take place over 2 semesters, from October to June. Students will have 20 hours of lessons a week in small groups.

Classes will be from Monday to Friday but some cultural activities may take place on a Saturday or Sunday. In semester 2, students will also start following lectures and classes in the subject that they have chosen to study the following year.

All courses will be taught and run by a team of specialists in French as a Foreign Language.

For more information, please contact:

Carmel Keane-Davies, Head of the Language Department. Building 336, Faculty of Science. carmel.keane-davies @ . Or, Laurence Peyraud, Coordinator for FLE. Language Department, Building. 336, Faculty of Science. laurence.peyraud @