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Here are links to a number of essential websites which will provide you with a wealth of information: : the website of the Goethe-Institut. : the website of the German Embassy in Paris.

Other official websites:

The German government: the Federal office of statistics: and a website on the cultural policies of the Länder:

A website site with all sorts of information on Germany :

For beginners/false-beginners: Based around a block of flats in Munich, this website shows all aspects of daily life, offering various listening and reading comprehension exercises and links to help you become acquainted with basic, everyday German.

Websites for finding language courses, work placements and studying in Germany… : the website for the DAAD (department of university exchanges). : the website of the Office franco-allemand pour la jeunesse. is a bilingual Franco-German website with a wealth of information on learning both languages, exchanges, courses, visits, universities, and its own internal translation software facility. : the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

An easy-to-understand website providing information on universities in Germany::

For information on Austria : and Switzerland :

For press and media in German: see the main websites which are full of links to other newspapers, radio stations and TV channels… (click on Radio, and then on Weltnachrichten): you can listen to the daily news while reading the text on your screen. allows you to search for articles in all the press written in German.

To search for documents in German on the internet: type , and then click on "Seiten auf Deutsch" or "Seiten aus Deutschland".

The encyclopaedia WIKIPEDIA ( ) allows you to find information on various subjects in clear, straightforward language.

For people curious to learn more about the German language: this online dictionary gives the equivalent of the word you are looking for.

The website of the Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) in Mannheim gives access to dictionaries, grammar information plus much, much more.

If you are having difficulties with the new spelling rules…:

For information on the CLES 2

And for those of you interested in history: : the website of the Institut Historique Allemand in Paris

Poetry-lovers can visit , where they will find poems and recordings of poems.

And last but not least, the website of Maison Heinrich Heine (Cité Internationale de Paris) The library gives you access to many videos (see the list on the website).