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Intercultural communication programme - Soliya connect

This online intercultural communication programme offers students the opportunity to take part in global, intercultural web-conferencing partnerships and discuss topical, socio-political or scientific issues in English with students from universities across the world (the USA, the Middle East and Europe) via the online platform Soliya.

Course objectives

  • Establish a deeper understanding of the perspectives of others around the world on important socio-political-environmental issues.
  • Develop critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and media literacy.
  • Improve social and interpersonal skills.
  • Hone professional oral and written communication skills in English.

Course organisation

  • Open to students in any Master’s programme of the University Paris-Saclay with an English level of B2+ or higher.
  • This class can replace a conventional English UE if approval is given from the scientific coordinator.
  • Classes will take place in the Language Centre (Room 316, Plateau Campus: Building Eiffel): 10 hours of class + 16 hours of webconferences after 17:00.
  • Session 1 will be from October 2022 – December 2022.
  • Subject to acceptance (15-18 places)
  • More detailed course information can be downloaded here
  • If interested, send an email with 1 or 2 paragraphs explaining your motivation and what you hope to learn directly to the coordinator:

Course content

Using a webconferencing application, students speak face-to-face in groups of 8-10 global peers online to create a multilateral learning experience. Each group is led by a facilitator trained by Soliya who helps to encourage dialogue so that students can interact in a safe environment and comfortably explore perspectives, uncover biases and arrive at a better understanding of other cultures.

The course includes an introduction to the basics of cross-cultural communication and preparation on how to present findings in a TED-style talk. Students present the results of this cross-cultural partnership at the end of the semester in an evening of “TED Talks”.

 Students who have successfully completed the Connect program can add the intercultural communication experience to their Curriculum Vitae.

For more information:

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