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Recruitment - Vacataire Teachers

Recruitment - Vacataire Teachers

Recruitment - Vacataire Teachers

The Language Department is currently hiring 'vacataire' teachers for 2022-23 to teach students in both Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

Various teaching slots are available - from Monday to Friday.

Teaching material is provided. Depending on the level, general English, business English and scientific English is taught - in addition to preparation for the TOEIC and other certifications.

Teaching rooms are equipped with a computer and a video projector. Groups are between 15 and 20 students.

Hourly rate: approx. €41 (gross) 

Please send your CV and cover letter to:

Before you apply, please make sure you read the following: vacataire teachers must have a main employer. If this is in the private or public sector, you must prove that you work at least 900 hours a year. For civil servants, an authorisation must be approved by the main employer.


For freelance workers, you must justify that you have earned a regular income from your freelance activity for the past 3 years (minimum €10,000/year).

Please make sure you can provide the necessary documentation before applying.

(Décret 87-889 du 29 octobre 1987 relatif aux conditions de recrutement et d'emploi de vacataires pour l'enseignement supérieur)