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The Language Department organises TOEIC and LINGUASKILL at regular intervals throughout the year.


The next TOEIC session (which is open to all students) will be in March/April 2023.

To sign up, please bring a cheque for €34.61 payable to l'Agent Comptable de l'Université Paris-Saclay to:

(Plateau) Centre de Langues : Bâtiment EIFFEL, bureau LC 353, 3e étage.

(Vallée) Service des Langues : Bâtiment 336, bureau 348, 3e étage.

If the secretary's office is closed, there is a letterbox where you can leave the cheque in the Service des langues (Vallée): you can slide it under the door of the secretary's office of the Centre de Langues (Plateau).

Please include this information with your cheque: first name/surname, email, telephone number, date when the cheque was given.

Then please send an email to confirm your enrolment (with the subject title "Inscription TOEIC") to :

25 students maximum

Deadline: March 1st 2023

For students with special needs, please inform the secretary when you enrol. A request for any special arrangements has to be sent to ETS/TOEIC 3 weeks before the exam.

Books and TOEIC software to help you prepare for the exam are available in the Multimedia Resource Centre in the Language Department, Vallée Campus (Building 336, Room 240).

Please note: since September 2017, there are now two types of TOEIC programme - Public and Institutional.

The content is the same but the only programme organised at Université Paris Sud is the Institutional programme

Information about the difference between the two programmes can be found here:

For students who wish to take the Public exam, which gives a score certificate valid internationally, please contact ETS Global to find an authorised testing centre.

For more general information and practical advice on how to prepare for the exam:


For information about LINGUASKILL :

The next LINGUASKILL sessions will be organised in Semester 1 2022-2023

Cost: Reading + Listening 43€, payable by check  to ELI - Carmen Leon (Examens Linguistiques  Internationaux).

Please contact Csilla Ducrocq for information on how to sign up to a session.

You can also register for 3 skills: 70€, 4 skills: 95€.

R&L= 43€, Writing = 43€  3-skills= 70€  4-skills= 95€


The CLES B2 is a certificate which attests a level of B2 in all 4 language skills.

Currently, there are no CLES sessions organised at Paris-Saclay for 2021-2022.

For more information:


For students who want to take the TOEFL, although you can prepare for the exam using programmes and books in the Multimedia Resource Centre. The University is not an examining centre and you will have to find an examining centre in Paris.

For more information, please click here: TOEFL