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The Language Department offers courses that are open to everyone (students, teachers, researchers, university staff...) in the following languages: 

English is part of the general programme of all scientific courses and taught at all levels of the LMD system.

Some scientific courses allow students to choose a different language other than English as their compulsory language or as an option.

Information about how to sign up for a language course other than English, can be found here.


 (Please note, that as a Faculty specialised in sciences, no language diploma is issued by the Faculty of Science of Paris-Saclay University).

Beginners Class - ENGLISH

Le UE Anglais Faux Débutant s'adresse aux étudiants du L1 au M2 qui rencontrent de grandes difficultés en anglais.

Ce UE reprend les bases linguistiques de l’anglais et ne peut donner lieu à une